SP 210

Peculiar feature of SP 210 is the tilting shooting head. Moving together with the core box, the shooting head takes position on top with adjustable inclination controlled by PLC and after that it moves down to allow the cores emptying. This characteristic makes SP 210 suitable to produce cores of any shape and middle or big size with shell moulding process. Even if at first sight it could appear complex, it’s really easy in equipping and using. As usual, automatic core box cleaning system with controlled part agent blowing and total sand recovery after shooting are standard.

process shell moulding
core box division vertical
shooting head capacity 18 litres
shooting plate dimensions 800 x 140 mm
core box dimensions 800 x 800 mm
core box max thickness 600 mm
core box max weight 1.200 kg
cycle time (shooting and hardening not included) 28 sec.
heating electric or gas
  • core box cleaning and part agent blowing system
  • automatic sand recovery
  • shooting plate/core box automatic locking
  • 3 moving part
  • 4 e 5 moving parts
  • ejection plate
  • pneumatic emptying