SP 910

Core shooter well-known for its solidity and reliability, thanks to the continuous improvements SIMI-PETERLE has realized for these years. Sand feeding from above in a horizontal division core box, available for hot box or cold box process. The large capacity of its shooting head makes this machine suitable for big size cores production in large scale.

process cold box / hot box
core box division horizontal
shooting head capacity 40 liters
shooting plate dimensions 910 x 660 mm
core box dimensions 1.200 x 920 mm
tools max. thickness 720 mm
core box max weight 2.500 kg
cycle time (shooting and hardening not included) 32 sec.
heating methane gas or lpg
  • shooting plate automatic locking
  • core box cleaning and part agent blowing system
  • 3 gas ramps
  • ejection plate
  • cores extraction device
  • core box automatic locking
  • 4 e 5 moving parts
  • gassing device
  • amine exhaust
  • cores overturning device
  • conveyor belt for cores extraction (with fumes exhaust)