SP 880

Solid, reliable and well-advanced according to SIMI-PETERLE tradition. The peculiarity of this core shooter is the opportunity to produce with two lower core box halves and one upper half. This characteristic allows the reduction of the machine cycle time enabling large scale production. The two lower core box halves are assembled on a rotating device 180° diametrically opposite. While forming on one side, on the other the core is ejected. This machine is suitable for different kind of cores: water jacket, brake caliper, gear boxes, suspensions and other.

process cold box / hot box
core box division horizontal
shooting head capacity 40 liters
shooting plate dimensions 790 x 660 mm
core box dimensions 940 x 800 mm
tools max thickness 430 mm
core box max weight 2.000 kg
cycle time (shooting and hardening not included) 30 sec.
heating electric
  • shooting plate/core box upper half automatic locking
  • quick shoting plate change device
  • core box cleaning and part agent blowing system
  • ejection plate


  • 4 & 5 moving parts
  • gassing device
  • amine exhaust