Biggest  machine of the SIRIO series: keep the SIRIO L12 characteristics but changes in shooting head capacity and dimensions (25Litres): foolproof machine suitable to produce big and medium cores quantities. Even the SIRIO L25 is set to install the most of vertical core boxes, it’s available for hot box and cold box process, it is automatic and allows a quick and easy core box changing. Automatic core box cleaning system and a controlled part agent blowing complete the standard accessories. This machine is also equipped with a double function palette: cores evacuation to the operator position after ejection and core box translation after disassembly.

process cold box / hot box
core box division vertical
shooting head capacity 25 litres
shooting plate dimensions 680 x 270 mm
core box dimensions 800 x 600 mm
core box max thickness 500 mm
core box max weight 1.000 kg
cycle time (shooting and hardening not included) 20 sec.
heating electric or gas

core box cleaning and part agent blowing system

fast core box clamping

fast shooting plate clamping

3 moving part

4 & 5 moving parts

gassing device

amine exhaust